Vacuum Pump FAQs

What is a two stage rotary vacuum pump?

A Rotary vacuum pump works by mechanically compressing and pushing out the air from inlet to outlet. The outlet pressure therefore has to be higher than atmospheric pressure for exhaust to take place. In two stages rotary pump the outlet of one chamber is connected to inlet of next chamber. This increases the compression and makes the air exhaust possible.

What can I do to eliminate the foul odor from my auto A/C system?

The foul odor is a result of the basic design of the auto A/C system. The system is technically known as a ‘series re-heat system’. That’s because all the air entering into the vehicle passes over the evaporator regardless of whether you’re calling for cooling, heat or some blend of hot and cold air. Therefore, the air side (or inlet side) of the evaporator faces all the pollutants and contaminants in the air. Because the evaporator is usually wet or moist with condensation, that dirt and debris tends to stick to the evaporator face. Those are perfect conditions for the start of bacteria, mold and mildew. To eliminate the problem, you have to apply something to treat the odor and help eliminate the odor causing bacteria and mold. The following video tells you how to fix it.