Kozyard Rosana 10'x10' Hardtop Aluminum Permanent Gazebo with 2-Layer Sidewalls (Rosana 10'x10')

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  • Dark brown colored rustproof aluminum frame, which is very strong and sturdy, built with 4 pcs 3.0"x3.0" triangular aluminum stand poles. All materials are built to last, never becoming rusty or deformed.
  • Hard metal top instead of normal fabric or polycarbonate material.
  • Galvanized steel roof strong enough to withhold any heavy snow. The roof loading capacity is 2000kgs.Don't worry it snows heavy.
  • Extremely durable PBV-coated polyester mosquito netting and removable steel railing on 4 sides. Double Track System allows you to add another layer of privacy sidewall. Include 2 layers sidewalls (mosquito set and strong 180gsm polyester solid sidewall), Mosquito net and privacy net are both included. The privacy curtain is fireproofed and waterproofed.
  • IIncludes 2 layers sidewalls(mosquito set and strong 180gsm polyester solid sidewall)

Disclaimer for Gazebo Product:

  • Kozyard has no liability for incidents regarding potential high temperatures occurring beneath the gazebo. Due to the dark color of the item and high heat conductivity of aluminum, the gazebo may heat quickly under sunshine and reach a high temperature. This temperature depends directly on sunlight intensity.
  • Kozyard does not have liability for any losses caused by a misunderstanding of the dimensions of the gazebo. The given dimension 10*10 of the gazebo describes the measurements from eave edge to eave edge and not from pole to pole. For more details regarding item dimensions, please check the specification sheet.
  • Kozyard has no liability for damage caused by an overload of snow and wind on the gazebo. Please check the snow capability and wind rating specifications.
  • Kozyard has no liability for losses caused by installation error. Please be certain that the four anchoring stands are sturdily anchored into the ground.
  • Kozyard does not have liability for the impermeability of the item roof after installation. The waterproof performance of the roof system is closely related to installation.


Gazebo with 2 Layers Sidewalls

The gazebo includes mosquito nettings and privacy sidewalls. Privacy sidewalls could reflect UV rays and provide a private room to you. If you live in a part of the country that suffers from mosquitoes, the net sidewall ensures a bug-free and pleasant dining experience.


overall looking


mosquito nettings


privacy sidewalls

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10ftx10ft Rosana Hardtop Aluminum Gazebo 10ft x 12ft Aluminum Hardtop Gazebo 12ft x 16ft Aluminum Hardtop Gazebo 10ftx12ft Hardtop Aluminum Gazebo 10ftx12ft Polycarbonate Top Aluminum Gazebo 10ft x 12ft Alexander Hardtop Aluminum Gazebo
Dimensions 10'x10'x9'.2'' 10'x12'x9'.6'' 12'x16'x10' 10'x12'x9'.4'' 10'x12x8'.6'' 10'x12'x9'.6''
Water Gutter Design
privacy curtain
Rustproof Aluminum Frame

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kevin McGinn
Very nice gazebo

The gazebo is well built and sturdy. it took myself and one other person eight hours to assemble. The box was in rough shape and all the fasteners were loose in box took awhile to sort them out. The only thing i don't like is the screens are not weighted and they blow in with the slightest of wind. That being said i do like it.

Dick Chamberlain
Snow load problem

We purchased our 10' x 10' Rosana Hardtop Gazebo in March of 2022 so this winter of 2023 was our first experience with snow load. The literature for this gazebo says it is rated for a 2000 lb. snow load. We had a resent storm with 8" of heavy wet snow. The roof held the weight with out a problem. The problem was when the heavy wet snow started to slide down the warming roof. The weight of the snow pushed against the roof edge finishing bars and caused them to buckle out and bend. Kozyard is sending replacement parts. My question is, will it happen again with a heavy wet snow next season.

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