2030 PSI 1.85 GPM Cold Water Corded Electric Portable Pressure Washer

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  • ✅Solid performance: enjoy the practicality with up to 2030 psi water pressure and a 1.85 GPM flow, handled by an 1800-Watt motor, reliable and straightforward, it's built to make any cleaning job manageable
  • ✅Practical foam lance: the included soap bottle applies foam directly, keeping your pump in good condition and making cleaning gentler and more effective, it's straightforward, designed for everyday chemicals, and ensures a better clean
  • ✅Versatility with nozzles: our adjustable pressure nozzle and turbo nozzle aren't complicated; they're just practical, they save you water and time and protect your surfaces, whether you're washing delicate decorations or sturdy outdoor flooring, it's about having the right tool for the job
  • ✅Simple set-up: don't worry about complex assembly, get started in minutes, and if you're out of tap water, it can even draw from a bucket, it's cleaning made accessible
  • ✅GFCI plug: ensuring customer safety is paramount, and the washer includes a GFCI plug to protect users from electrical shocks, particularly crucial when operating in wet conditions
  • ✅Reliable support: with a 2-year warranty and dedicated parts and service teams in New Jersey and California, we're here for you, it's not just about our product; it's about making your life easier
  • The Lutian High-Pressure Washer is designed to enhance your cleaning experience with its solid performance and user-friendly features. Equipped with an 1800-Watt motor, it delivers up to 2050 psi water pressure and a 1.85 GPM flow, ensuring every cleaning task is manageable and efficient. Its practicality is further bolstered by the inclusion of a foam lance. This handy addition applies soap directly, promoting a gentler, more effective clean while protecting the pump. What sets this washer apart is its versatility and ease of use. It comes with an adjustable pressure nozzle and a Turbo nozzle, both designed to cater to different cleaning needs, from delicate decorations to robust outdoor surfaces, without wasting water or time. The simple setup process is a significant advantage, allowing you to get started quickly and even operate it using water from a bucket if necessary. Moreover, Lutian offers reliable support with a 1-year warranty and dedicated service teams in New Jersey and California. The Lutian High-Pressure Washer isn't just about cleaning; it's about simplifying your tasks and making life easier.

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