Kozyard 3 or 4 Packs Foldable Storage Bins with Lids, Stackable Storage Bins with Doors and Wheels, Magnetic Dual-Opening Doors, Storage Containers for Bedroom, Living Room, Closet, Laundry, Toy (2 options)


Size: White-3Pack
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  • ⭐MULTIFUNCTIONAL STORAGE BIN: The storage bin organizer is your all-in-one solution for indoor and outdoor organization. Storage bins adapts to various needs, from bedroom and kitchen storage to bathroom organization and clothing storage. You can also use it in your playroom to keep toys tidy, or take it on your RV, camping trips, and picnics. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to a well-organized home.
  • ⭐FOLDABLE STORAGE SPACE-SAVING: Our foldable storage solutions are designed to maximize your space efficiently. Each top layer features secure buckles on both sides, ensuring the closet organizer remains stable without the risk of collapsing. The flat top provides extra space for placing items, making the most of your storage. When not in use, they neatly fold away, freeing up valuable floor space.
  • ⭐TWO RETRIEVAL OPTIONS: The stackable storage bins offer two easy ways to access your items – through the front magnetic door or the top lid. The front-facing double doors provide quick access with a transparent window for easy visibility. The top door is perfect for efficiently placing items inside. We believe that collapsible stackable storage bins will make your life easier and more convenient.
  • ⭐STACKABLE AND MOVEABLE: The bottom of storage containers is fitted with four flexible and removable wheels, making it effortless to move them during cleaning or repositioning. These lockable swivel casters provide smooth, easy maneuverability and are gentle on your floors. You can move them effortlessly in any direction.
  • ⭐STURDY DURABLE AND LARGE STORAGE: The stackable storage containers are made of high-quality PP material, ensuring durability and sturdiness. Each storage box measures 22''L x 12.4''W x 12.6''H. Note: When stacking these foldable storage bins, place heavier items at the bottom to prevent tipping risks.
  • Color White-3Pack
    Material Polypropylene
    Brand Kozyard
    Product Dimensions 22"D x 12.4"W x 12.6"H
    Number of Drawers 3

    Color White-4Pack
    Material Polypropylene
    Brand Kozyard
    Product Dimensions 12.4"D x 22"W x 12.6"H
    Number of Drawers 4

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

The magnetic double doors are a game-changer. It's like a magic show every time I open and close them. Plus, it adds a touch of sophistication to the whole storage situation.

Good Stackable Storage Bins

The white storage bins I recently integrated into my home organization strategy have proven to be exceptionally useful and aesthetically pleasing. Their simplicity not only adds a touch of cleanliness to any space but also makes it easy to locate items stored within. The durable plastic ensures longevity, and the smooth finish makes them easy to clean, maintaining their pristine appearance. The stackable design maximizes storage efficiency, allowing me to optimize vertical space.

Product is very strong

Absolutely love these foldable storage bins! First off, the structure is solid - no flimsy business here. It feels like these bins mean business when it comes to keeping my stuff in check.

Highly recommend!

when you don't need them. It's like having a storage superhero at your service. So sleek and handy! It's like they were made to make my life easier. No more clutter, no more digging through endless stuff. These bins are my new BFFs in the organization game.

Space Saver Extraordinaire

The unsung hero of decluttering! Seriously, these things are like magic for anyone tight on space. When you're not using them, just fold 'em up and bam, reclaim your living room without sacrificing style.

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