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Short Description

  • "T" handle for easy fingertip control
  • Easy to open R134a can with valve to turn off to reserve for future use
  • Suitable for R134A. 1/4" SAE Male only fits for 1/4" SAE Female yellow hose
  • Made of heavy duty brass to last under extreme conditions
  • 1/2 inch x 16 for fitting R134a Can
User Instructions:
  1. Prior to placing R134a can tap onto R134a can, screw handle counter clockwise until the piercing stem is above the seal.
  2. Thread the R134a can tap onto the R134a can.
  3. Attach a R134a changing hose.
  4. Always add refrigerant to low side of A/C system.
  5. Turn the handle on the R134a can tap clockwise until the piercing stem pierces the R134a can.
  6. To start refrigerant flow, turn handle on R134a can tap counter clockwise until the valve opens.
  7. Turn R134a can tap handle clockwise until it stops to close R134a can tap before removing R134a hose.

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