Himalaya High Pressure Airless Paint Sprayer - 3000PSI, 5/8HP, 650W Power Painter, Ideal for Home Interior, Exterior, Commercial Use, and DIY Handyman-Professional Contractor Grade Spray Paint Machine

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  • ✅High Pressure Spray - The Himalaya Airless Paint Sprayer operates at a high pressure of 3000PSI, ensuring a smooth and even coating every time. Features a 25 ft. non-kink hose for easy reach across painting projects. The sprayer supports various nozzle sizes (211, 313, 415, 515, 623), available on Amazon or at local hardware stores. Its compact design and built-in handle enhance portability.
  • ✅Powerful Motor - Equipped with a robust 5/8HP (650W) motor, this paint sprayer is perfect for professional contractors, prosumers, and DIY handymen. This sprayer draws paint directly from the can, minimizing mess and spills. Equipped with a powerful 5/8 HP (650-Watt) motor, it offers up to 3000 psi pressure for rapid coverage of large areas. It has a maximum flow rate of 0.32 GPM and includes a standard 517 nozzle.
  • ✅Versatile Application - This airless paint sprayer is ideal for house painting, both interior and exterior, delivering a flawless finish quickly and efficiently. Effortlessly handle both water-based and oil-based paints with this airless sprayer. No need for paint thinning.
  • ✅User-friendly Design - The spray gun design of the Himalaya Airless Paint Sprayer makes it easy to handle and operate, reducing fatigue during long painting jobs. Achieve professional-quality, smooth finishes quickly when painting walls, rooms, fences, or sheds. The sprayer is designed for easy disassembly, making cleaning a breeze.
  • ✅High Efficiency - With the power painter feature, this sprayer can cover large areas in a short time, making it a great choice for commercial paint jobs or home renovations. Significantly reduces overspray, offering a cleaner alternative to traditional rolling or brushing methods or other air spraying techniques.
  • ✅Package includes a 1-year warranty, the Airless Paint Sprayer, Spray Gun, 25 Feet High Pressure Hose, Plastic Cup, Brush, 1 standard 517 nozzle, Hex Wrench, and User Manual.

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