Kozyard KozyLounge Elegant Patio Reclining Adjustable Chaise Lounge(6 Options)


Color: GRAY
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Short Description

  • VERY SOLID! Made from a blend of mesh and polyester cloth on an aluminum frame for durability and strength.
  • VERY COMFORTABLE! The canvas adapts to your body and its alveoli allow it to breathe during high heat. The adjustable backrest allows you to choose from four levels of personalized comfort
  • ELEGANT! Modern, clean and streamlined design casts a stunning look on any patio or backyard setting
  • STACKABLE! You can stack the chairs together in winter, adding convenience and practicality.
  • IDEAL FOR OUTDOOR USE! Built with its weather-resistant material (Stainless steel nails, Aluminum and Textilene) and construction


About Kozyard LLC

Kozyard LLC is a young company with knowledge and experience to service the outdoor furniture market. With over 15 years of mass production manufacturing experience as an OEM provider, we have what it takes to be competitive. Our direct sales division was established in 2016. Each and every day, we work our hardest to bring you innovative products that make it possible for you to enjoy a cozy life.


Kozyard KozyLounge Elegant Patio Reclining Adjustable Chaise Lounge Chair with Headrest (Taupe W/Table)

The Kozyard KozyLounge Patio Reclining Chaise Lounge Chair was designed with one purpose in mind and you'll discover that purpose from the first moment you try them. Experience all the relaxation and pleasure that comes from lounging in outdoor furniture built for comfort. Whether placed at the edge of a swimming pool or perched on a terrace, these all-weather lounge chairs bring a style and simplicity that would be as at home on an Italian beach or luxury resort as in your own backyard.

The aluminum does not rust and the textilene does not alter with bad weather, thus ensuring longevity and easy maintenance. The aluminum structure is covered with epoxy paint, bringing a nice, uniform color to the product. We pride ourselves on our quality and design and the KozyLounge is a durable product perfectly suited for outdoor use




  • Material: Aluminum Frame, Mesh Fabric, Stainless Steel Nails
  • Package: 63.8"L x 6.2"W x 23.3"H; NW:12.4 lbs (each), 24.7 lbs (2 packs)
  • Overall: 71"L x 25.2"W x 34.25"H
  • Headrest: 16.5"L x 7"W x 3"T
  • Seat: 20"W x 69"L x 8.5" H / Armrest Width: 2"
  • Table: 18.11"W x 13.8"L x 11" H
  • Weight Capacity: 265 lbs
  • Stackable
  • Headrest cushion included!
  • Knock Down(KD) Assembly Required



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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
R. Warrix
Nice chairs.

These chairs seem like good quality materials, were easy to assemble and are comfortable. They are lower to the ground than I expected but still work for us well.

Erica Gittings
I did not find it hard to assemble

I was worried about assembly given the reviews because I am certainly not handy enough to create drill holes, but I thought the instructions were straightforward and I had no problem at all putting them together with my five year old. They look great. They are lighter than I thought they would be which is a little problematic for me because of the wind gusts I experience at home, but I have a plan that will work just fine.

Not easy to assemble, but wasn't terrible. Great chairs.

Regarding assembly:

First a bit of background: I've assembled plenty of furniture from amazon, Ikea, Wayfair, etc. including a number of pieces that reviewers have described as difficult. While I acknowledge the difficulty of those pieces, I've never found anything too challenging.

Given that background, I would say building these chairs is not easy, but it wasn't quite as hard as some reviews made it out to be. Granted, I went in having read some advice from others here, and there's also a bit of luck involved in that all the pieces I got were made correctly and within a reasonable tolerance.

If you struggle with assembling basic I kea pieces, you WILL definitely have a very difficult time.

That said here's some advice I have for assembly:
* Read the directions once through before attempting
* Keep all screws loose until the end, only screw them in just as much as you have to to catch and be a little secure (like 1.5 turns maybe 2).
* Do all the loose screwing by hand (fingers) or use the provided wrench if you are not dexterous.
* Tighten everything in reverse order, it will be easiest that way. Highly recommend an electric drill for most of the tightening. It's possible otherwise, just probably a mind-numbingly long task to do by hand with the tools. Some of the nuts can only be done by hand/tool.
* The top bar piece I personally found to be the most problematic for fit. I found for both chairs, flipping it around the opposite way I first positioned it worked out better for some reason. That's kind of good practice for assembling metal things with poor manufacturing tolerances: sometimes swapping "identical" parts or flipping them around will make them fit better.
* For the first part where you're screwing the center of the chair to the handlebars, don't bother putting on the second set of nuts until the very end after everything is tightened.
* Check the final tightening with the wrench.
* Dont tighten the upper center piece (with the plastic "J" washer) too hard or you risk breaking it. This is only a risk when using a drill to tighten

I think that's about it! took me maybe an hour and change to do both by myself.

yuliet cruz
Me encantan !!!

Amazing styles

Jim White
Don't Follow Instructions

These items are great. Very comfortable and light weight. However, the instructions are so screwed up. I can't say this enough...... start with ending of the instructions to the beginning. We followed the instructions on the 1st chair as the instructions said & took us 45+ minutes and a whole lot of aggravation. It doesn't makes any sense on following the original instructions. It's so screwed up.

Start with the main frame supports and work backwards per the instructions. The 2nd chair took us 15 minutes working the instruction from the end to start. Love the chairs though!

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